Note: Streaky is shutting down on December 13, 2021. Streaks is a great replacement. Thanks!

Start and keep new habits.

Streaky is the social habit tracking app that helps you build new habits with a little help from your friends

*Totally free for up to 3 streaks!

Streaky’s 4 steps to
better habits

Experts say that you should start small, tell your friends and family to create accountability, automate everything you can, and celebrate every win


Get started


Go Public


Keep Going



Get started

Make measurable progress

With Streaky’s unique calendar view you can see all your effort adding up day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Go Public

Share your activity

Your public profile is a great way to share your progress. Here’s mine! Follow your friends and family and cheer one another on.

Keep going

Customize your reminders

You can be reminded about your streaks in the morning, afternoon, or evening – whatever works best for you.


Cheer on yourself and others

You can both leave and receive emoji reactions for your completions – and every completion earns you a confetti blast!

“Streaky makes it fun and easy to build new habits, track your progress, and share your milestones. It’s working for me and I’m really impressed!”

Kimi La, Software Developer

But wait there’s more!


Both web and iOS apps


Dark mode


Private streaks


Smart notifications


Activity feed and profile


Robot assistant

Why Streaky?

👋🏼 Hey! I’m Adam Howell, creator of Streaky.

I built Streaky because I think habit tracking is just as important – if not more so – than fitness tracking, goal setting, or anything else you can do to improve yourself.

3 years ago I started tracking my habits every day, but soon realized I’d outgrown the habit tracking apps I’d been using. There was so much more they could be doing! I wanted:

  • Community: to share my habit streaks and follow others to see theirs as well
  • Accountability: a public profile page that showed my public streaks and all my latest updates
  • Encouragement: to be able to both get and receive emoji reactions on my streaks and habit milestones

So I built Streaky. And now I want to help you – and the rest of the world – build better habits, stick to them, and have fun doing it. And guess what? Today’s the best day to get started!

– Adam Howell, Chief Executive Streaker (@adam)

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